A Charismatic + Comfy Residence in Murcia, Spain

Lab House is a recently completed project that involves a partial remodeling of an apartment in Murcia, Spain. The house had recently been refurbished but the client was not satisfied with the results that led to their hiring Laura Ortín Arquitectura. Any new materials that were just being used in the previous remodel presented a challenge as it would have been a waste to remove everything and start over. So the plan was scaled back to work 60% of the house, including the living room and master bedroom, leaving the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom as they were.

The new living room adapts to the homeowner’s hobbies and has a massive, modular sofa that can be rearranged if necessary. A lacquered partition wall is covered with semicircular wooden slats that change color during the day depending on the incidence of light. They also help absorb sound when watching movies. Overall, the open living space with all the white surfaces, the bold wall and the geometric sofa looks dramatic.

Behind the ribbed partition is the master bedroom with a simple but contemporary feel. The wooden floors are broken up by blue micro-cements that mimic the flow of water. This is a perfect way to define the bathroom space.

A curtain divider on the front of the cabinet and curved glass doors in the bathroom area follow the curved architectural element on the ceiling.

Photos by David Frutos.

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