A Boomerang-Shaped House With Canyon and City Views of Austin

Ravel architecture designed a single story home on a steep hillside in Austin, Texas. The boomerang shaped house works with the curvature of the land and is configured to maximize 180 degree canyon and city views. The opposite side of the house is designed for privacy due to the busy street. Clerestory windows tower over high walls that let in light without prying eyes. To the south, a private cave and kitchenette open to the covered terrace and pool.

Next to the driveway is a walkway that leads to the front door. The outer wall of the house is interrupted by a protruding box window that frames the view both inwards and outwards.

Walkway on the side of the modern white house

Wooden door on the white house

Modern white house exterior and driveway

Sidewalk next to the modern house and the driveway

Box window on the house facade

Walkway and stairs leave modern house

modern interior of the house

The north side of the house is open plan with a kitchen, dining room, and living room with views of the canyon through floor-to-ceiling black-framed windows. The ceiling runs diagonally from this side to a series of cantilever windows that make the room appear larger and brighter.

modern kitchen in black and wood

Living room with a sloping roof

modern bedroom with canyon view

Behind the kitchen is the master bedroom and bathroom with their own breathtaking views.

modern bathroom with canyon view

Hallway in the modern house

The south wing has a hallway with three guest rooms with private bathrooms in close proximity to the pool.

Living room with a view of the outside terrace through the windows

Exterior of the modern house on a hill

Night shot of a modern house with the lights on

Boomerang-shaped house at night

modern house at night

Layout of the modern house

Photos by Chase Daniel, via BowerBird.

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