7 Trendy Canine Outerwear Choices To Hold Them Heat

We’ve had some pretty cold winter days here in Ohio – and I know we’re not the only ones. So remember to keep your puppy warm as well while bundling up in snow or rain boots, coats, scarves and gloves. These 7 modern outerwear options will not only keep them safe, toasted, and dry, but will also make your dog look even cuter!

>>> Buy >>> Sarah Style 02 Blue Dog Raincoat /// $ 112
The Sarah raincoat for dogs is inspired by fishing raincoats off the Spanish Atlantic coast. This jacket is made from recycled polyester made from plastic waste from oceans, fishing nets and textile waste. We love it because it protects your dog from rain and dries quickly.

Swiss teddy jacket from Dog Threads

>>> Buy >>> Swiss Teddy Jacket /// $ 56
Cool nights that you live in Made in the USA, this soft, fluffy jacket will protect your dog from the chill in the air without overdoing them in winterized gear. It is also available in onyx.

Wagwear WagWellies dog boots

>>> Buy >>> WagWellies ™ /// $ 49
Can you imagine going outside in the snow without shoes? Well, your puppy doesn’t want it either. Get your dog boots just as comfortable outdoors as they are in your snowshoes. These 100% rubber slip-on puddle sweaters are built to last. The open-ventilated slots make it easy to put on and ensure a secure fit that sits firmly.

Dog with PAIKKA Visibility raincoat

>>> Buy >>> Visibility raincoat black /// € 59
The Visibility Raincoat makes it easy to keep your dog safe, stylish and dry. The waterproof hood prevents water from getting into the jacket – and also keeps your furry friend’s ears warm. You can adjust the neckline, waist and back to ensure a perfect fit for your dog. And our favorite part is that it’s reflective so that drivers can see your dog!

Striped dog sweater

>>> Buy >>> Poppy Stripe Dog Sweater /// $ 42
Cute and cozy, the Poppy Stripe Dog Sweater will make sure your dog looks stylish every time they layer up. This sweater is sure to get compliments every time the two of you take an afternoon stroll around town. Purchasing this sweater is not only good for your pup, as each purchase will help a dog find their home forever.

Fantastical Creatures Club wrap jacket

>>> Buy >>> Wrap around harness /// $ 290
Made in Italy, the wrap jacket is a luxurious warm wrap harness that is perfect for those colder months. It’s easy to attract your dog with its magical Velcro that only attaches to itself.

Paco & Lucias Yaku reversible raincoat

>>> Buy >>> Yaku reversible raincoat /// $ 70
Warm, chic, reversible – this raincoat from Peru is one that every dog ​​owner needs for their puppy! You can choose to have your pet wearing black with yellow details or yellow with a black collar so it always suits the occasion. Not to mention that this coat is equipped with adjustable Velcro fasteners and an opening for harness or leash, which also makes it super functional.

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