6 Hanging Planters so You Can Bring the Outdoors In

No matter what the weather is outside, you can enjoy the outdoors while inside by adding potted plants throughout your space. If you live in a small house with limited floor space, go vertical with it hanging planters is a great option. Even in any room in the world, lifting plants from the ground or tables turn plants into living three-dimensional sculptures that you can see better from multiple angles. Are you ready to add some hanging planters to your space? Check out six of our favorites below that will transform your space and air quality when hung and filled with plants or herbs.

Atlas Hanging Cork Planter by mind the cork
Cork is such an underrated material, but it’s perfect for so many things that not only keep your wine fresh and sealed. It’s lightweight, durable, antimicrobial, and sustainable, which makes it a great choice for a planter like this one that is reminiscent of the cork. While the standard cord color is off white, six additional cord colors are available for the planter, including jute, mustard, frost, forest, flamingo and copper.

self-watering hanging planter

Hanging self-watering planter by Eva Solo
This minimalist planter is available in matte Nordic stoneware, hangs on a leather cord and has a self-watering system that draws water from the reservoir through a nylon wick to provide the plant with moisture when needed. You don’t have to worry about your plants or herbs withering if you pass too long between watering days.

Planters with leather straps

Adjustable flower pot with buckle closure in black + Adjustable flower pot with buckles in brown by cloudnola
Do you have a favorite ceramic pot or a cool planter? Display it like a work of art by hanging it up with these crossover leather straps that are adjustable thanks to belt buckles. The buckles are used to change the length of the straps because of their functionality, but they also add an extra visual detail.

IKEA ribbed white hanging planter

ÄPPELROS hanging planter from IKEA
This planter offers a wider bed (10-3 / 4 inches in diameter) that can accommodate a couple of smaller plants or a larger one with plenty of room to cascade across the sides. Its white, minimalist design is characterized by a fluted surface that extends it beyond a plain white bowl. Made of powder-coated steel, the planter is robust enough to work outdoors.

woven lavender + cream hanging planter

Striped hanging planter from Closed Mondays
If you’re looking for a little more color and texture, these rope planters are for you. Each is handcrafted with a modern twist on the macrame-style hanging planters from years gone by – like those that have made a comeback in recent years. If the Lilac Stripe option isn’t your thing, this planter is also available in Marine Stripe, Tangerine Stripe, Black Stripe, Chartreuse Stripe, and Pool Stripe in 7 “or 9”.

hanging ring planters

10 ″ hanging circular planter + 18 ″ hanging flowerpot from NewMade LA
Available in two sizes, this hanging planter design goes in a completely different direction with a colored ring that visually frames your plant. The smaller 10 “version holds a 4” pot or vessel and is available in yellow, black, white, red-blue or brass, while the larger 18 “version holds a 6” pot or vessel and is available in yellow, black , White, red, blue, brass or pink.

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