5 Brands You Have to Know if You Love Scandinavian Design

It’s no secret that Scandinavian design has become synonymous with modern design. The style is characterized by clear lines, pastel and neutral color palettes and natural materials from responsible sources. Its emphasis on minimalism gives it a timeless appeal, while its commitment to sustainability aligns with people’s mindfulness for the planet. If you want to add more Scandinavian design to your life, these are five Scandinavian cool brands that we think you should know about.

One of our most popular brands in our Design Milk Shop is Heymat. Known for its collection of indoor and outdoor mats, Heymat works with the best Norwegian designers and uses recycled materials to make their mats. From bold graphics to Japanese-inspired patterns, Heymat adds beauty and function to an inconspicuous object in your home.

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gray carpet mat

colorful doormat carpet

gray doormat

white candle holder

Excellent design
This Danish brand offers a diverse collection of home furnishings and furnishings in different price ranges so you can easily add contemporary Dutch design to your home. Born out of the founders’ passion for art and design, Excellent design brings functionality and aesthetics into harmony with a clear and minimalist palette. Some of my personal favorite pieces are their glassware that looks like gemstones, their Clork Clock for a reduced version of the everyday clock and their BOKK line, which uses steel to create graphic, meaningful bases for their stools.

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Glasses and decanters

Cork clock

minimalist stool

Outdoor LED lamp

Take a look at any designer house and I can almost guarantee that you will find what you are looking for menu somewhere indoors. As a brand that incorporates both Nordic and Japanese styles into their designs, Menu brings an upscale touch that is never intrusive or overly precious. At home, we use the Carrie lamp as ambient lighting in our garden, but we have also used it in our children’s room, where we feel comfortable as the lightbulb does not get hot. Of course, the bottle grinder should not be missing in any modern home. Next up on my list: the gravel rug, a bubbly rug inspired by stones on a pebble beach, and a small échasse vase to keep our cut flowers from the garden pretty.

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Salt and pepper mills

Carpet corner with a light brown structure

Glass vases and bowls

Wood black tray

This family-run brand attaches great importance to sustainable procurement and manufacturing in order to create its furniture and home accessories. Almost every piece has an element made of wood integrated into the design, a design aesthetic that was created by Skageraks Emphasizing the beauty of nature. We use our Reform table, bench and Mira chairs daily to enjoy an outdoor meal or to hang out in our garden. While the wear and tear was almost non-existent outdoors (a testament to the quality of the wood and steel), we are also not afraid that the teak will develop its silvery patina. Put simply, Skagerak perfectly embodies Danish design that will stand the test of time.

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Paper towel holder made of wood

Outdoor dining

Cutting board

Coffee carafe

Eva Solo
From kitchen utensils to pots and planters, Eva Solo designs items to beautify your space and make your everyday life easier. That’s partly the beauty of Nordic design, careful attention to how things work. Our oil carafe, for example, does not leave any drips because the double metal tip catches any overflow residue, which you will only appreciate once you have used dispensers that gradually leave traces of oil. If you want to make cooking or just brewing your next cup of coffee even more pleasant, Eva Solo has everything you need.

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Oil carafe

Photo: Vy Yang

Spice mill

Boil saucepan

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