3M Creative Leader Brian Rice

In this episode of Clever Podcast, Amy Devers talks to designer De Brian Reiswho currently serves as Chief Brand and Design Officer for 3M. Brian was born in South Jersey and raised in central Florida. As a child of divorce, he learned early on to appreciate the different perspectives, cultures and environments to which he was exposed. As a curious student, he started the engineering path but quickly realized that this was not the right choice and switched to design. After college, he worked for iconic brands such as Proctor & Gamble, The Coca-Cola Company, Georgia Pacific and Bristol Myers-Squibb. He sees design as an essential connective tissue, a powerful tool to create space for artistic expression and to enable more diversity and inclusion. Brian knows that when we use design as a force for good, we can not only move towards justice, but also create compelling, creative products for consumers worldwide.


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