3D Printed Ceramics, a Bookstore That Sells a Single Book + More


1. I discovered Arushi Jain through a newsletter and I am so glad I did because their music is amazing. It combines modular synthesis and traditional Indian ragas, which leads to otherworldly ambient noises. Listen to their boiler room upstairs.

2. I love these pieces from the førs studio that are new to the Design Milk Shop, especially in this creamy peach shade. I started drinking tea every night so I can see how I use it on a daily basis.

From the store

3. My obsession with everything typically Japanese continues with the discovery of Morioka Shoten, a bookstore in Ginza, Tokyo that sells only one book. Each week, Yoshiyuki Morioka – who regards books as art – selects a single book to share with customers. The room also serves as a meeting point for the community (in times without COVID) with live events and an art gallery.

4. BJOOKS. I just received a shipment of these books from Bjooks in the mail and I can’t stop flipping through them. These beautifully designed books are a visual feast for the eyes for people who love modular synthesis and electronic music. So far there are four books in the series: PEDAL CRUSH, PATCH & TWEAK, PUSH, TURN, MOVE and PATCH & TWEAK With Moog.

5. Jolie Ngo ceramics! Jolie Ngo, who just finished her time at RISD, is on an MFA at Alfred University and is capitalizing on our ongoing obsession with ceramics with her underwater-inspired 3D printed creations that I can’t get enough of on Instagram – follow her @jolienope.

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