2020 Reward Information: Experiences + Subscriptions

You can push it forward if you haven’t completed your purchase – it’s good that it’s never too late to give away subscription boxes and experiences! There are so many options that it feels overwhelming to choose. So we’ve rounded up the experiences and subscriptions we’re going to be giving people this holiday season. With these boxes and memberships there is something for everyone!

Havenly Online Home Interior Design Services
Price: Packages start at $ 79. Havenly is offering Design Milk readers $ 10 off a mini package and $ 20 off a full package. Use promo code DESIGNMILK10 for $ 10 off a mini package and DESIGNMILK20 for $ 20 off a full package.

Havenly is the best way to design and visualize rooms in your home online. Your expert online interior designers will get to know you – your style, space, and price range. Let yourself be coordinated with your designers based on your style and create your dream space.

Designed life delivered
Price: $ 109 for single boxes, plus quarterly and yearly subscriptions starting at $ 99 every 3 months. All orders include free adjacent US shipping.

Designed Life Delivered creates upscale, seasonally inspired home decor boxes. Each box contains fresh, beautiful living accents that you can use to style any part of your home all year round. Their designers curate each box and source unique items that you will enjoy for years to come. From blankets to candles, serving boards to picture frames and everything in between. Their goal is for you to open your seasonal box and enjoy their unique finds. Keep your home in style all year round or send one as a gift for holidays, birthdays, engagements, weddings, housewarmings and more!

Sustainable Coffee Driftaway Subscription
Price: Varies

Driftaway isn’t just another coffee subscription where you get a new bag of coffee every month (or longer). How many boxes does Driftaway send beans based on the flavors you like. However, the company upgrades the experience to make sure you enjoy your cup. Not only are the beans freshly roasted, but you also get a map letting you know about the farm the beans were harvested from. Essentially, this box has everything you need to make a damn good cup of coffee.

Price: $ 19.95 / month

Give away learning with a KiwiCo subscription box that offers science and art projects for children of all ages! The boxes are as varied as a handcrafted soap set to build an adjustable desk lamp that actually works. If you’re looking for a subscription to someone who loves to use their hands – this is it.

Price: Varies

I don’t know about you, but I would love if someone gave me a wine subscription for the holidays – 2020 was the longest year ever, after all. The wines are selected based on the taste profiles. Winc allows you to rate the wines they send you so they always have a better understanding of what to send someone.

The Sill – pet friendly box
Price: Automated $ 46 / monthly fee * (including shipping!)

Living with pets can make it a little harder to have plants – it seems like every plant is poisonous to them. This is where the subscription box for animal-friendly plants from The Sill comes into play. In the box you will receive a non-toxic planter for plants and earthenware every month. Now you don’t have to go without plants to protect your animals!

Price: $ 71

Every Norsebox was developed to spread the joy of Scandinavian design and lifestyle. The products exemplify the aesthetics of the region: minimalist, simple, but functional, while the natural beauty of the raw materials is valued. Each box contains 1-5 seasonal items that give every room a fresh, Scandinavian look.

A membership in a local museum or art gallery
Price: Varies

We’ve been locked up for almost a year, but one day that will change! What better way to get someone you look forward to becoming a member of a local museum or art gallery?

Price: $ 35

A BarkBox subscription is designed to make every dog ​​happy. When a puppy is happy, its owner is happy. Each monthly box has a theme and contains natural treats and fun toys.

For something else:

Choose love
Price: $ 10 and up for products or $ 25 and up for digital gift cards

Choose love is great. They provide assistance to refugees and displaced persons and everything they could need from lifesaving boats to groceries to deliveries and legal advice. To do this, they created the world’s first store selling real products that people can buy to send to refugees and displaced people trying to rebuild their lives. (Check out the popups we featured at Design Milk here last year). They offer products and supplies in three categories: Emergency Needs (tents, clean water, warm blanket + sleeping bag, winter clothes + shoes, etc.), Daily Survival (toilets + showers, diapers, warm food, toiletries, etc.), and Building Futures ( Mental health support, legal support, medical care, education for children, etc.) – which you can purchase as gifts and which are delivered by Choose Love. So, if you know someone who has a big heart and would love it if you send them a gift or gift certificate for them to choose something to send in their honor, or if you have some extra cash this Christmas season and beyond , Choose Love is a wonderful move that will make you think differently about giving.

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