2020 12 months in Evaluation: Milkshakes You Missed!

2020 will undoubtedly go down in history as … a YEAR. Phew! But as glad as I am it’s coming to an end, I’m grateful that we had the opportunity to create new, engaging, and insightful content.

Starting with The Brave New World of Design event, we launched a new initiative in April, DMTV, where we have new and interesting conversations on topics such as sustainability, design and social justice, neuroesthetics and creating joyful spaces and improving wellbeing.

These videos also triggered the official launch of our IGTV channel … which was long overdue!

You may have missed out on some of the fantastic and insightful videos that we premiered this year. So I’ll summarize a few favorites below. [Watch them all on IGTV or Youtube!]

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