20 Fashionable Merchandise To Create Your Personal Cozy Norwegian Cabin at House

In the living room there is a modern gray sofa with a light carpet and some wooden furniture. Sofas are expensive and not easy to replace, but buying smaller pieces is cheaper and helps change the way a room works. Minimal textiles on the sofa, a calm piece of art, a candle and a plant in the corner complete the modern space. Simple yet cozy and inviting.


>>> Buy >>> Origin Lounge Chair by Form + Refine

>>> Buy >>> Turned side table by MENU

>>> Buy >>> Cutter Bench 48 ″ from Skagerak

>>> Buy >>> Single Bucket Stool by yvonne mouser


>>> Buy >>> Stone Spaces Rug by Minna Goods

>>> Buy >>> Jaali carpet from Studio Variously

>>> Buy >>> Maze Jungle + Linen Throw from Happy Habitat

>>> Buy >>> Optical Cotton Throw from Studio Herron

>>> Buy >>> Barragan Spring Pillow by Minna Goods

>>> Buy >>> Geo V cushions by Ssen


>>> Buy >>> 18 ″ wire basket from Bend Goods

>>> Buy >>> Multi-colored wide container closed until Monday

>>> Buy >>> Umanoff Planter from MENU

>>> Buy >>> Wick Brass Portable LED Candlelight from Graypants


>>> Buy >>> Into the Wild Print by Jennifer Chong

>>> Buy >>> Black Sun Print by Buhlaixe Studio

Bonus! Since the living room opens directly into the dining area, here are some ideas to help you get a similar feeling:

>>> Buy >>> Georg dining table by Skagerak

>>> Buy >>> Hven Armchair by Skagerak

>>> Buy >>> Alki White pendant lamp by Graypants

>>> Buy >>> Dimple Tray by Space Ctrl Design

>>> You can find more ideas for furnishing your room here in the Design Milk Shop! <

Cabin photos by Alejandro Villanueva.

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