1950s Paint by Numbers Puzzles Featuring Modernized Landscapes

Are you a puzzle person or did you become one during the lockdown? Many of us fall into one of these two categories. The latter is a form of entertainment we have relied on to fill the long hours of the past 14 months. Canadian puzzle company Four Point Puzzles launched at the right time, just before COVID-19 closed the world. Since then, her puzzles have thoroughly entertained us with her challenging but satisfying moon and earth puzzles, the evening kingdom with beautifully detailed Japanese illustrations, the circular colored dot puzzle, the abstract gradient squiggle of the fade puzzle, and much more! Their latest release takes a new, delightful direction that nods to the 50s and 60s with theirs Paint by numbers collection.

Paint by Numbers kits were developed by Dan Robbins in the 1950s and became a cultural phenomenon that led children (and probably some adults) to believe they were the next Picasso. Some artists believed they oversimplified the creative process when they told you where to paint each color and they were mass produced. On the other hand was Andy Warhol, who became a collector of them and gave them inspiration for his own 1962 series called “Do It Yourself”. Now Four Point Puzzles gives them a new twist with five vintage paintings of five fun landscapes. Look here!

>>> Ocean Paint by Numbers Puzzle

>>> Mountains paint by number puzzle

>>> Desert Paint by Numbers Puzzle

>>> Forest color by number puzzle

>>> Tropics paint by number puzzle

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