110” Samsung MicroLED Is All Display by Design

It wasn’t too long ago that people regularly complained about “having a hundred channels and not seeing anything”. With streaming media sources overwhelming us with quantity and quality on a daily basis, the opposite seems to be the case today. Nowadays, when we take protective measures, we’re all looking at more content and causing many households to switch their TVs to bigger and newer displays. The recently unveiled 110-inch Samsung MicroLED is the more ambitious end to that desire, an ultra-large screen designed to bring cinema into the home.

For those interested in technical specs, the new 110-inch MicroLED is capable of or reproducing 100% of the DCI and Adobe RGB color gamut. The display is designed for a service life of up to 100,000 hours.

Unlike most devices today, Samsung’s new 110-inch MicroLED uses micrometer-sized LED lights instead of LCD or OLED technology. The advantages are an OLED-like image, in which the background lighting and color filters used in conventional displays with pixel-by-pixel self-lighting are omitted and precise images, real black tones and high-contrast images are generated without burn-in. Combine this with the 4K resolution of the display, represented by 8 million pixels on a 110-inch screen, and you have an impressive way to enjoy The Mandalorian.

Samsung touts the TV’s impressive screen-to-body ratio of 99.99% with a bezel-less design that defines “minimalist”. Even so, the display hosts and hides an embedded 5.1-channel sound system (also known as the Majestic Sound System) with no external speakers. The internal system uses Object Tracking Sound Pro to identify objects moving around the screen and adjust the output to simulate movement.

Since the 110-inch MicroLED is obviously so big and equipped with the latest display technology, it will cost $ 156,000 somewhere in the stadium. The mega TV will be available worldwide in the first quarter of next year following today’s unveiling in Korea. The $ 60,000 Q900 QLED 98-inch Smart 8K TV is available today for anyone willing to settle for something a little more cozy.

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