11 Sudden Tech Items for Valentine’s Day

Sugar Lab Valentine’s Lump
During Valentine’s Day, we are all given a pass to reveal our sugar-sweet feelings. So why not just go sweet with these 3D printed geometric sugar cubes flavored with natural, peppermint or cinnamon?

LUMI buttons
If you’ve ever played Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution, you’ll immediately understand how this modular LED-lighted keyboard teaches you to play the keyboard without instructing you to read music (initially). It is an intuitive and entertaining process of hand and eye coordination that constantly awakens the realization “I’m playing music!”. The LUMI is even designed in such a way that it grows alongside skill, so that up to four LUMIs can be magnetically integrated into an ever larger keyboard layout.

Covalent AirCarbon MacBook sleeve
We recently featured California-based Covalent for its collection of technical accessories aimed at making sustainable design as fashionable as their high-end counterparts, and we believe the subtly textured AirCarbon leather laptop bag is a special one good combination with either model makes new M1 powered MacBook Air laptops if you are planning on updating someone else’s computer setup to the latest and greatest (we did!).

IQUNIX F60-2020 60% hot-swappable mechanical keyboard
The power of romance is its ability to transform the mundane into the magical, the hitherto troublesome into something to look forward to. Is there anything more practical and mundane than working on a simple old keyboard? Why not give that special someone something more colorful and special like these satisfactorily audible mechanical keyboards? In this way you can command – O your way into her heart.

Courant Catch: 2 wireless chargers in the saddle
The feeling is subtle: a wireless charger for two people, a “home for each of our devices next to each other”. The use of real Italian leather with pebble grain is a luxurious touch that adds a tactile detail to the thought.

Pro-Ject x Turntable Lab Debut Carbon Turntable Complete listening package
Not everyone wants to delve into the research required to learn how to assemble a solid turntable, be it for yourself or as a gift to someone else. Fortunately, vinyl-owned Turntable Lab and turntable specialist Pro-Ject have put together a plug-and-play set that includes everything but your record collection to enjoy the warmth that only music on wax delivers.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
I have given my mother various gifts over the years that are considered luxurious, cozy and tasty. But she recently told me – with the candor only mom can get away with – that while she appreciated these sentimental gifts, what she received most was a smartphone. The new Samsung Galaxy S21Ultra is an uncompromising flagship – with its sleek, redesigned exterior in stylish matte black, a super sharp and bright 6.8-inch AMOLED display, and an impressive range of cameras – my mother could even admit that let: I like that! “- the highest praise I could hope for.

Kygo Xenon ANC headphones
There are some gifts for special occasions, others are appreciated for the everyday joy they offer. These active noise-canceling headphones from Norwegian DJ Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll – also known as Kygo – belong to the latter group. With a clean Scandinavian design, these jars offer superior battery life (24 hours!) And the remarkable ability to block out distractions during production, providing a satisfying soundstage for listeners to feel and hear the music on.

LEGO Creator Expert bouquet
Flowers on Valentine’s Day are a given. But if your recipient is overtly nerdy and creative, this 756-piece LEGO set we spotted while perusing a major electronic website seems to say “I love you” in romantic language.

The CityRadio
Until recently, it wasn’t uncommon for some to fulfill the promise of a faraway vacation with someone special for Valentine’s Day. At a time when we have to stick to all the travel plans on the shelves, this push button radio could be the closest thing to a magical gateway to destinations around the world, receiving 18 different local stations from around the world including Athens, Barcelona, ​​Beijing, Berlin , Buenos Aires, Cairo, Havana, Istanbul, Jakarta, London, Moscow, Nairobi, New York, Paris, Rome, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Tokyo.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Custom Powered by Perso
This portable health and beauty device with USB-C technology can mix a selection of color cartridges with red, nude, orange and pink lipstick tones to a variety of lipsticks with a serving of “YSL’s Velvet Cream Matte Finish Lipstick” from iOS or Android app. It’s currently in beta testing, but it’s open to anyone willing to spend $ 299 to be on the cutting edge of cosmetics.

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