What Once Seemed Impossible Is Now the Costume Sofa System

“Magis came to me with the question: what if we completely rethink the sofa?” Said designer Stefan Diez. The modular costume sofa system developed in collaboration between Magis and Diez is the result. It’s pragmatic, convertible furniture that takes care of the environment by using minimal materials that are recycled and recyclable. In the past, there were two ways to construct a sofa – either a wooden frame with upholstery and components, or a metal frame with built-in suspension that was filled with foam and then covered. Both are laborious and expensive, difficult to repair, and use foam that cannot be recycled. Magis and Diez have come up with something new that is worth talking about. “The system should only consist of a few parts. In the beginning everything seemed pretty complicated, almost impossible, ”said Diez.

The costume sofa system does not require the individual components to be permanently connected to one another, which makes disassembly easier. Its elements consist of a body made from recycled and recyclable polyethylene, made from waste from the furniture and car industries using rotational molding technology. An insert made of pocket springs provides cushioning for the seat and backrest, and on top there is a thin layer of polyurethane foam. Everything is held together by a fabric cover that can be fastened with tension straps and easily removed at any time. You can reconfigure, repair, or even replace the pads if one day they wear out.

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“Systems are something like an alphabet. For me, it’s not so much about giving ready-made answers, but about building building blocks that you can use to formulate words, sentences and stories. Systems are not static, but can be reinterpreted at any time. The individual building units can be further developed and improved separately, ”said designer Stefan Diez.

Costume is not a kit, but consists of a total of only four different elements – seat, armrests and ottoman – which can be put together in combinations depending on your needs and space. Choose from a variety of fabrics and colors to customize your own modular sofa system.


Sofa detail

Sofa detail

Sofa with chaise longue


Sofa detail

Designer Stefan Diez

To learn more about the costume sofa, visit magisdesign.com.

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