The DAC House in Brazil Springs Out From Its Sloped Terrain

Designed by Gilda Meirelles architecture, the DAC house in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is on steeply sloping terrain that made it difficult for the architectural firm to design the house without many stairs. Instead, GMA created different modules at different levels of the country to differentiate different parts of the house. At the same time, through the use of stone, wood and a lot of glass, the house can be optically integrated into its surroundings and gives the feeling that the house has outgrown the country.

House with pool corner

Outside terrace with pool

A total of five suites were designed that separate the private area from the service and social area. An Alwitra roof over a metal structure made it possible to create the large floor plan of the house and also promotes the integration of the building into the surroundings.

Wooden terrace with pool

Garden with pool and terrace

Large eaves protect from rain and sun, which is important in this particular region. In order to maintain the connection with the site even further, the frames are all made of wood and the steel girders are painted in the same brown as the Alwitra roof. The landscaping rounds off the complete integration of the house with land and forest.

Pool deck

Pool deck

Photos by Evelyn Müller.

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