ROOM + Industrious Are Advancing the Way forward for Workplaces With Workspace Galleries

ROOM, known for its modern and modular stand solutions, and Industrious, the top-rated workplace provider in the US, have teamed up to provide flexible and adaptable workspaces nationwide and further advance the future of offices for our new reality. Newly created “Workspace Galleries” by ROOM have been introduced at Industrious workstations nationwide and offer Industrious members new possibilities to meet their work requirements in addition to the location offers and amenities of Industrious.

The first workspace gallery opened in Chicago for the opening of the new Industrious Willis Tower on the 44th floor of the iconic Chicago skyscraper. Hardworking members can work in the 52,000 square foot office space and enjoy the convenience of a 30,000 square foot outdoor deck and garden, as well as the catalog, the 300,000 square foot retail, dining and entertainment experience at the base of Willis Tower. On certain days, the public can also make an appointment to experience the gallery and tour the shared work area.

ROOM’s interactive gallery includes the phone booths, which provide privacy for phone calls and individual work sessions, and the meeting rooms, where integrated video conferencing or small one-on-one calls are offered. All ROOM workspace galleries will include Room Sense, ROOM’s new proprietary analytics dashboard that gives organizations real-time insights into space usage and density so they can make future decisions about their workspace needs.

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