New B&O Speaker Emerges, Microbial Fashion, 3D Printed Earbuds

1. Bang & Olufsen Beosound is born
As a longtime Bang & Olufsen fan and owner of some of their mid-century vintage designs, I wasn’t surprised to be drawn to this uniquely designed WiFi speaker, also because it reminds me of one of my favorite buildings in New York City, the 22-story, 285-meter-high Flatiron building. The Black Anthracite Edition looks industrial, but the Gold Tone with Light Oak finish is warmer and more furniture-like; both are slim and bring music to every corner without taking up much space.

2. Eva from Tubes
It is strange that there are no more designs that combine the properties of heat and light in a unique form, something like this “nomadic heater and glowing globe” combination design. The sculptural heating element designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba was honored with an IF Design Award 2021 and a Red Dot Design Award, the first heater I have ever seen and which I would like to draw attention to.

3. Charging the Volvo Concept
So far I’ve seen Volvo’s all-electric high-performance brand Polestar as the brand’s guiding star on its way to a purely electric vehicle stable, but I’m pretty excited about Volvo’s own emblem and the unmistakable Thor’s hammer headlights, which are something similar to futuristic and minimalist and the concept recharge more than hinted that their Scandinavian brand of “less but better” will be worth it.

4. Airthings View Plus
When it comes to tech for the home, the best designs in my book are the least intrusive. And even if measuring indoor air quality is a very important task (especially here in fire and pollutant-rich California), I don’t want a device that looks more industrial than domestic. Airthings did a great job balancing an unobtrusive neutral form factor with a “quiet tech display” that shows amounts of radon, particulate matter, carbon dioxide, VOCs, humidity, air pressure and temperature – all available with a wave of the hand in front of the display. Face.

5. Modern synthesis
Great strides have been made to turn all kinds of recycled plastic into shoes, but I’m very curious about the possibility of using tiny microbial factories to grow biomaterials from agricultural waste and turn them into 100% biodegradable kicks.

6. Assign Preto speakers
Typically, traditional craft and modern consumer technology exist in the most remote areas of their respective domains, making these handcrafted audio speakers a notable exception. The Mapu Preto speakers are not just made, they are made like ceramic and then assembled into a pair of speakers named after the traditional black ceramic that is made by reducing oxygen during the firing process. They are not only intended as beautiful objects, but house really well thought-out audio technology, a sound that is supported by Bang & Olufsen and the SoundHub network, resulting in a new type of amplifier with an external DAC and Aptx codec, a BT 5.0 module and an improved DSP drive, bass reflex tube in combination with high-quality 4 ″ broadband drivers.

7. Flo desktop fan
I was looking for a decent looking USB powered desk fan that would keep me cool all summer without turning on the air conditioner. I finally found an affordable little model, but what I really want is something like this bladeless concept from Korea.

8. Bonfire Audio Holocene
While I continue to use wired over-the-ear headphones, I stopped using wired earbuds years ago when I was an avid runner. So it definitely felt fun to plug in a pair of these 3D printed earbuds to listen to. Then I realized how much more depth and nuance these in-ear monitors display compared to a regular consumer branded earbud, especially when paired with a higher quality audio source. The Holocene’s machine-anodized design has a Stark Industries vibe countered by the wildly colorful, geometrically patterned, and glow-in-the-dark case, but the real appeal is the soundscapes that put this IEM firmly in place once positioned in the ear canal.

9. Vekoti air purifier
As mentioned above, indoor air quality is a regular concern in our household (thank you, draughty windows from the 1920s). We’ve strewn air purifiers all over our house, and while each unit is not an eyesore, most wouldn’t count as a net aesthetic positive either. This concept re-introduces the air cleaner unit, which exists within a Venn diagram between the air cleaner, system and interior … or “Planterior prop”, as the designers call their decorative air cleaner unit.

10. Herman Miller OE1 Micro Packs
Over the past year, numerous friends have asked me about standing desk options with the caveat: “Can you recommend a compact option that doesn’t take up too much space?” Designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin from Industrial Facility designed a standing desk for Herman Miller, which in my opinion hits the mark and at the same time is surprisingly uplifting both aesthetically and functionally. Bravo!

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