Laser Cut Vessels, Haddawy’s Lautner House + Gucci Restoration With ASMR


1. Rio Jongsae Kim restores designer goods with adorable ASMR
I’m not entirely sure how I got on this person’s YouTube channel, but I did and I’m thrilled. There is something about the care taken on each part to restore the item, in this case a pair of Gucci Ace sneakers. I love that they are restored and not thrown away when used or damaged like many other things in fashion. Plus, the ASMR makes watching the process even more satisfying. (H / T to Insider)

2. Minimalist gel nail strips
I don’t remember the last time I did my nails thanks to quarantine and when I try to paint them myself it looks like a toddler did it (no insult to toddlers). I love this minimalist set of black + beige gel nail strips that is simple enough for most people, including me. They’re non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty free, and won’t damage your nails like regular gel manicures. Plus, you can’t beat the $ 8 price tag which includes 20 strips, so you can get your nails done twice.

3. Architect Mark Haddawy talks about restoring his Lautner home in LA
If you love architecture, you are most likely familiar with the work of American architect John Lautner, who made a big impression in Southern California with his portfolio of over 50 important houses and structures. One such home is Lautner Harpel House on the top of the Hollywood Hills, which was purchased in 2006 and restored by Resurrection Vintage designer and co-founder Mark Haddawy. In this NOWNESS episode, Mark talks about the house and the restoration process it went through. It’s the ultimate envy in the house, especially when you see the view.

4. Soap dishes
I hate that soap mass that is left behind when a bar of soap sits in the water after use. It’s one of my favorite complaints when I stay in a hotel because they rarely have a soap dish. Aside from the mess it leaves, it also wastes the soap. I’m obsessed with those terrazzo soap dishes with the top tray that has holes in it to keep the soap dry. Plus, I love everything terrazzo, especially the pink soap dish on top.

5. Symbio Vessels from Ibbini Studio
While I’m in an Instagram rabbit hole, I come across these ships by Abu Dhabi-based artist Julia Ibbini and computer scientist Stephane Noyer from Ibbini Studio. Their process fluctuates between man and machine while they make these vessel-like sculptures out of paper. Yes I said paper. The paper is laser cut and then assembled by hand using glue, pencils and a scalpel. I can’t even imagine how many hours it took everyone!

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