Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Link Is a Smartphone Printer That Fits in Your Pocket

Years ago when I was having a picnic, I made a brave request among my friends. I asked if they would do me a little favor for the day and put their phones down while we hung out together. Instead of their phones, I handed out a pair of Fujifilm instant cameras to share / use during the afternoon. Over the course of several hours and armed with several packs of instant film, these friends used the cameras to capture numerous moments of warm smiles and loud laughter that I still admire today, and reminded me of how we had all gathered once to watch As our photos developed, eager and full of anticipation that no Instagram has ever conjured up.

While sharing photos via text, DM or via social media accounts has become a matter of course in the age of the smartphone, there is still a certain joy in printing a picture on a really tangible photo to share with friends. Instant photos reproduce moments with a degree of unpredictable imperfections, which, oddly enough, adds to their charm.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini Link mobile printer retains the unique features of its counterpart camera counterparts and works as a mobile photo printer with a dedicated Android or iOS compatible app. It also borrows some of the most important photo editing / adjustment features we are used to with smartphones as the main camera: photo frames, collages, split prints, and even the option to print a photo that is still frozen from a video.

Probably the coolest and most entertaining feature of the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link, however, is the ability to connect up to five smartphones for collaboration. Once connected, up to five people can add a photo from their own device. Each is then added to create a single image in the form of a photo collage using the device’s Party Print feature. Since almost everyone loves a surprise, the collage isn’t revealed until it is printed and “creates a sense of excitement when used at a party or other social event”.

For more flirtatious getting to know each other, there is the match test, in which the compatibility ratings of a couple are created using a short survey via the app, which the Instax Mini Link prints as a colorful rating table over the bottom of the photos. Sketch, Edit, and Print mode allows users to add handwritten notes or scribbles to any image before printing.

For all Nintendo Switch fans, Fujifilm has also announced a new special edition that will frame photos with Pokemon or Nintendo images and allow you to capture the images you see in games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Mario Odyssey and New Pokemon take up Snap.

If you already have a Fujifilm X-Series or GFX system digital camera, the Instax Mini Link also allows you to print photos directly via Bluetooth. Whether you’re taking photos with your smartphone or a Fujifilm camera, the Instax Mini Link is fast and wirelessly transmits a printout in just 12 seconds. In cases where everyone wants a copy, there is an option to print multiple photos of the same image continuously by turning the device upside down and pressing the power button.

The portable printer is good for up to 100 photos before a charge is required.

The Instax Mini Link is available in Dark Denim, Dusky Pink and Ash for USD 99.99 in the Design Milk Shop.

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