CalmiGo Calming Device Review – Manage Your Anxiety

Calmigo is a new unique way for dealing with anxiety without the use of drugs or medications.  It is a very small, discreet electronic device that helps you control your breathing to help you deal with anxious or stressful moments without medication. 

It basically has a nose pad that emits a soft, subtle scent as you wear it.  In this CalmiGo calming device review you will learn how the  product works and if it will work for you.

How Do You Use CalmiGo?

Calmigo implements 3 proven methods that creates fast long term calming relief.  The 3 methods are:

Breathing regulation

Relaxing scents

Multisensory stimulation

Turn on the device by pressing the power button on the front of the device

The 3 feedback lights will momentarily light up

Prepare to put the device to your lips and exhale through your mouth into the mouthpiece

After exhaling begin to inhale through your nose the scented element that is generated by the device

You should feel a calming effect and relief from your anxiety

The CalmiGo Calming Device is available on  It has over 230 customer reviews and 60% of customers rated it 5 stars.  Click to read reviews!!

The Effect of CalmiGo Scents

One of the most interesting things about this product is the way it interacts with your nervous system. In layman’s terms it works on the theory that certain smells are associated with certain brainwave activities. 

For instance, lavender is often associated with relaxation. If you are stressed out and then smell lavender, it will cause you to enter a relaxed state of mind. The same scent acts the same way when you are calm: it causes you to enter a relaxed state of mind.

What this means for the Calmigo drug free device is that it acts much like a pacifier with its scented element. Because it allows you to relax your muscles and thus gain better control of your breathing, you are more likely to be able to stay calm. 

That said, possibly a CalmiGo side effect is if you have any kind of heart condition or respiratory issue, you should be extremely careful using this product since the relaxing properties could cause some problems. Also, if you suffer from any kind of nervous system issue, you should avoid using this device since it could cause some complications.

Is Calmigo Safe?

Like many other natural products such as herbal creams and lotions, the Calmigo can be used as a form of relief for people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. What the device does is make the brain respond in a manner similar to being calm. 

This relaxation, in turn, allows the person to be more aware of what is going on around them so that they can better respond to the stimulus coming from their bodies. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people who have had Panic Disorder, Phobias, Social Anxiety Disorder, or similar issues to find great relief using the Calmigo as a calming device.

Another great thing about the Calmigo is that the aroma therapy that it contains is designed to fight off the symptoms of anxiety. What happens is that your body will begin to anticipate a release of the chemicals that are causing you anxiety by releasing more adrenaline into your system. 

That said, the device also contains calming compounds that cause the receptors in your nasal passage to close off so that there is no more release of the chemicals. In addition to relieving the symptoms of anxiety and panic, it is also a great stress reliever.

The CalmiGo Calming Device is available on  It has over 230 customer reviews and 60% of customers rated it 5 stars.  Click to read reviews!!

Try CalmiGo for Anxiety

For anyone who is experiencing constant symptoms of panic attacks or anxiety, trying to find ways to relax and get away from the stressful situations will prove helpful. However, for many people, those moments do not come every day. 

Luckily, with the help of this amazing little device, you can take the steps to having better control over your body and your emotions so that these attacks do not interrupt your normal, peaceful moments. You can read up on the product online, and while you may decide to use it for your own relief, the Calmigo calming device is something that is well worth taking a look at if you have ever suffered from frequent anxiety and panic attacks.

Thanks for reading this CalmiGo calming device review.

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