After onerous instances, The Jewish Week has a brand new proprietor.

Like much of the news, Jewish Week was also hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Now it has a new owner.

The 46-year-old outlet, which supplies New York’s large Jewish population, is now owned by 70 Faces Media, a nonprofit publisher for several Jewish-interest websites and news agency, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, said Ami Eden, 70 Faces executive director and editor-in-chief. The Jewish Week and 70 Faces Media should announce the arrangement on Monday.

In July, Jewish Week fired employees and suspended its print edition due to severe advertising losses, some of which were caused by the pandemic. The purchase by another news agency is another example of consolidation in the local news industry.

Jewish Week recently raised money from donors to cover the pay of freelancers, said Kai Falkenberg, president of the board of directors of Jewish Week.

There are no plans to revive the printed edition of Jewish Week, which had a circulation of 40,000 copies in 2019, Eden said. Jewish Week Editor-in-Chief Andrew Silow-Carroll, a former top editor of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, will continue to run Jewish Week.

“Jewish media is experiencing the same absolute crisis as other local news, and it has worsened during the pandemic,” said Philissa Cramer, editor-in-chief of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “It’s a shame to think of local Jewish communities without solid coverage and I want to be part of a solution that can envision a sustainable path.”

Another 70 Faces Media websites are Kveller for Parents; Alma, for young people; and The Nosher, which covers food.

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