A Classic Typewriter-Impressed Bluetooth Keyboard

Typing more than one word or phrase on your tech device can be painful, which is why bluetooth wireless keyboards are becoming increasingly popular. Elretron designed its own version, known as PENNA, with a vintage typewriter twist, and despite its retro look, it’s far from antiquated. In addition to functionality, the PENNA keyboard should offer a stylish design that you are happy to leave on your desk or table.

The PENNA keyboard has the feel of a mechanical keyboard with keycaps that let you know if you actually typed that letter or not to reduce mistakes. The keyboard is available with either Diamond Shape Keycaps (rounded corners give a smooth feel and are aimed at more precise input) or Retro Chrome Keycaps (more like an old typewriter). The keyboard layout is a standard QWERTY setup, but offers additional functions for adjusting volume, brightness, etc. An integrated holder holds your tablet or smartphone at an ideal viewing angle while you type.

A top view of the PENNA keyboard someone is typing

The macro bar on the left makes it easy to save frequently used words, phrases or keys, which you can access with a single press of the bar.

A close-up of the PENNA keyboard

The PENNA keyboard works over Bluetooth with Windows 10, Android, iOS, and macOS devices, making it an excellent option for those looking to relieve hand cramps. It can be paired with up to 5 devices and easily switches between them.

Keys from the PENNA keyboard

The PENNA keyboards are available here in the Elretron shop.

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